Why A Private Villa Is A Better Accommodation Option Than A 5-Star Resort

Located in South Bali, Seminyak is a renowned beach town recognized for its lavish accommodations, condo rental, vacation rentals, villa rentals and high end bars and restaurants. The atmosphere here is much more sophisticated & laid-back than Kuta and attracts tourists in great number. Here in this post we will talk about why a villa rental is your best option in Seminyak than booking a hotel.

Cost: For a group of friends or large family a private villa in Seminyak will be considerably cheaper compared to a resort or hotel.

Foods: Envisage a poolside BBQ with plenty of lobster, fish, and prawns to nourish a small army & the price is less than an entrée at a five-star resort. There are so many affordable private pool villas in Seminyak that offer great pool side entertainment without putting extra load on your pocket.

Amazing facilities: Now days most private villas in Seminyak provide as much, or even more than a five-star resort – wi-fi, cable TV, ipod docks, DVD players, BBQs, fully-furnished kitchen and more. Many private vials also feature saunas, gymnasium, pool tables, paystations--- and you never need to wait for two hours for your turn. Enjoy the luxury whenever you want.

Absolute privacy: Want to stroll around your villa in your favorite bikini or stay in your gown all day? Or listen to your favorite music or watch DVDs? Or possibly use the private gym or home theatres that most of the private villas have?  Do whatever fancy your desires the most – it is your call.

Tranquility: You just hate how the swimming-pool in a five-star resort looks like “kid soup” at about 6pm every day! Nonetheless, at a private villa, some of the most favorable times are the early evening as the sun downs, a gin & tonic by your own pool& some Dean Martin on the BOSE system.

High security: Most private villas provide a high level of security including in-room safes – so leaving your laptop, ipod, wallet or sunglasses around the villa is generally not an issue.

Jaw-dropping low season deals: During low season, villas can provide amazing deals, particularly if you’ve a bit flexibility in your dates, or you’re booking last minute.

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