Where To Find Affordable Meals In Seminyak? Top 6 Places

It isn’t tough to score cheap meals in Bali, particularly if you know where to look out! If you’re in the Seminyak region & you are pondering where the finest place to eat for cheap in Seminyak Bali, check our recommendations below:
Taco Casa: If you’re all about affordable tacos, cheesy enchiladas, and Mexican style grilled meats, then head to the Taco Casa Bali for a lunch or dinner. Taco Casa Bali specializes in true Mexican cuisine, employing only the freshest ingredients. The taco shells, corn chips, tortillas, salsa and dressings are made fresh daily & feature no preservatives.
Warung Ocha: If you’re looking to save more on foods, nothing beats the appetizing selections of meals at local warungs. Warung are mini diners or food stalls, usually run by local families. Fortunately, there are dozens of renowned warungs in the Seminyak that provides value for your money meals! The meals are made from scratch employing fresh, local ingredients. Since the eatery also caters to families, there’re child-friendly dishes & desserts on the menu too!
Gipsy Fish: If you love grilled seafood, then you have come to the ideal place. Gipsy Fish caters local seafood grilled just the way you want it. And the price is matchless. Marinated seafood is sold by weight, you can choose the type of seafood you wish on display, and it’ll be cooked on site.
Gipsy Fish provides all sorts of local seafood encompassing scallops (Rp39,000), tuna (Rp33,000), and squid (Rp27,000)! Besidesseafood-based dishes, Gipsy Fish also provide western dishes encompassing Hawaiian fish cakes & couscous tabouli.
Taman Bambu:
Taman Bambu or the Bamboo Garden is the place to be for traditional home cooked dishes at very affordable prices. The restaurant is located near the upscale main shopping strip of Jalan Raya, but this no-frills, hole-in-the-wall warung offers a range of Balinese favorites including fried tempeh, nasi campur, grilled seafood, and hearty (and spicy!) meat stews. The food is always served fresh and piping hot!
Made’s Warung:
Made’s warung was 1 of the 1st eateries in the Seminyak region in the late 1960’s, and has been a favorite with tourists, locals and ex-pats ever since. Made’s waring serves conventional Balinese fare at a very low cost.
For a warung, Made’s provides a very roomy dining area, and it is renowned for its generous servings, top quality ingredients, and friendly service. The menu boasts classic Balinese and also Japanese, Thai and western cuisines.
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